Sailing around the UK with a 100€ boat

How did this idea come to be?

A good friend of mine wants to sail around the world one day. However, he didn’t have any sailing experience or a sailing boat for that matter. Thus he decided to look for a boat on a Dutch version of Ebay. He found one that cost only 100€ and thus he bought it!

Together we have gone on other endeavours such as cycling to Norway. Therefore we decided to set a new challenge for ourselves, which would involve sailing. In order to help me achieve my goal to visit every country in Europe we decided to sail around the UK. Continue reading

Visa application for Iran in The Hague

On-arrival or at an embassy?

Applying for a visa is a costly and somewhat annoying part of travelling. It involves a lot of paperwork and a one might have to visit the embassy. In order to attract more visitors some countries allow visitors to apply for their visa upon arrival at the airport.

Supposedly Iran had introduced a visa-on-arrival programme several months before my trip. However, the information was very unclear. Some people said they could not get the visa on arrival and were send home. Consequently I decided to get my visa at the embassy. Continue reading

6 things you didn’t know about a tour in North Korea

1. The driver cleans the bus before entering Pyongyang

If you take one of the longer tours to North Korea, say more than 5 days, chances are that you will visit places outside of Pyongyang. During these visits the drive might take you off the highway onto some dirt roads. As a consequence the bus will get dirty (duhh!). However, driving a dirty bus is not allowed in Pyongyang. Continue reading

North Korean Guides or Minders?

Preparing for North Korea

In preparation for my tour through North Korea I looked at documentaries on YouTube, read other travel blogs and read Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea. All of which helped me to prepare what I was going to see in North Korea. However they did not inform me well on the relationships with the North Korean guides (or minders as most people call them) I might form.
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Relaxing with locals at a beach in North Korea


In the summer of 2016 I visited North Korea for a total of 12 days. One is not allowed to travel independently through North Korea, therefore an organised group tour is the way to go. Togethere with approximately 15 other people I went on a group tour organised by Young Pioneer Tours. I cannot recommend this tour company more!

At some point during the trip we visited a beach on the west coast of the peninsula. This visit was truly amazing and took away all my doubt that tourist cannot have an impact on the local population. In this post I will describe what happened as best as I can. Continue reading

5 things to do before visiting Iran

Before I went to Iran there were some things I did before, which were an absolute must. There were also some things I did not do before I went, but wish I did. Here is a list of 5 things you should do before visiting Iran.

1. Get cash

Most trade sanctions have been lifted from Iran by Obama. Despite this most banks are still reluctant to do business with Iranian banks, because they are afraid of ending up on a black list. Therefore most bank cards are not excepted in Iran. Continue reading

Cycling to Bergen – Norway

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Day 8

In the morning of the 29th we arrived at the port of Stavanger. We had booked an Airbnb in Tananger, which is a city located about 3km from the port, but my friend still had a flat tire. Every car before us had to clear customs first, but the custom’s officers did not pay any attention to us so we could walk right through.

Once we arrived at the Airbnb we went straight to bed and slept for the remainder of the morning. The rest of the day we spend resting and exploring the town of Tananger.

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Cycling to Bergen – Denmark

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Day 4

Shed in Kolding

We just entered Denmark and the weather started to clear a little. The difference in cycling becomes apparent immediately. There are cycling roads almost everywhere and they are of high quality. However, cycling takes more effort, because the steepness of all the hills is higher.

This was the first time during the trip that exhaustion struck. We sometimes had to stop just to catch our breath. Next to this it became clear that my average speed was somewhat higher than that of my friend. This sometimes created large distances between us and thus confusion and a little friction.

When we arrived in Kolding it had already gotten dark. We had a rest on a parking lot next to a gas station. It was Christmas eve and there was no one around. We were basically preparing ourselves to get out of the city and find a forest again. However, my friend spotted a wooden shed in the corner of the parking lot. We checked it out and it was empty except for some bottles. There was nobody around and we figured that the owner would not mind us sleeping a night there. We cooked some food, which was our Christmas dinner and went to sleep. It rained all night so we were happy to stay inside. Continue reading

Cycling to Bergen – Germany

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Day 2

After a good night’s rest we woke up and packed our things. We were adamant to leave the place the way we found it and therefore checked several times to ensure that we took everything with us. Due to our great progress the day before we only had 110km of cycling to go to our destination, Oldenburg. In this city we had booked an Airbnb.

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