Cycling to Bergen – Norway

Cycling to Norway with second hand racing bicycle

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Day 8

In the morning of the 29th we arrived at the port of Stavanger. We had booked an Airbnb in Tananger, which is a city located about 3km from the port, but my friend still had a flat tire. Every car before us had to clear customs first, but the custom’s officers did not pay any attention to us so we could walk right through.

Once we arrived at the Airbnb we went straight to bed and slept for the remainder of the morning. The rest of the day we spend resting and exploring the town of Tananger.

Day 9-11

Most of these days we spend at our Airbnb just relaxing. We visited Stavanger once during the day and once to see some fireworks. Also, we prepared our bicycles for the journey ahead. Replaced the braking pads and lubricated the chain.

Next to this we took another look at our route. We discovered that some of the ferries had been cancelled due to the opening of several tunnels. Unfortunately, cyclist are not allowed into these tunnels. Therefore, we decided to take some busses through these tunnels. Otherwise the trip had to be extended with another 150km.

Norway cycling

Day 12

In the morning of January 2nd we packed our bags and hit the road again. our goal was to reach the town of Aksdal. We had booked another Airbnb here.

From Stavanger we had to take a ferry to Nedstrand. It was still dark when the boat departed, but when we got close to Nedstrand the sun came through. What we saw was a snow storm. The land has already been covered in a small layer and we had no idea how are bicycles were going to perform in this kind of weather. The crew was laughing at us and wishing us good luck as we got off the boat. Snow covered Norway

It turned out to be quite alright! The snow was fresh and even with our thin tires we had enough control. The snow kept coming down and clogged up most moving parts on our bicycles. Despite all this we were enjoying ourselves. The snow makes everything more beautiful and makes the cycling more interesting and fun. This did not last long, because my friend’s tire burst. We tried patching it on the spot, but the snow gets anywhere and affects the glue. Therefore, we decided to keep walking until it was dry enough to patch the tire.

As we were walking we kind of expected people to stop and give us a ride. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Soon enough the snow cleared and we fixed the tire. The rest of the trip till Aksdal was very pleasant albeit more exhausting due to Norwegian hills and the cold air.

We reached the Airbnb around 3pm and our hosts were very amazed to see the bicycles we were using. Most bicycles in Norway have actual metal spikes on their tires. Racing bicycles like ours are rarely seen in Norway.


Day 13

The goal for today was Haugesund, which is only a mere 15km away. The snow that had clogged up the gears on our bicycles had melted and they worked smooth again. The terrain was tough, but the sights are ever so rewarding. Especially the presence of snow added greatly to the experience. Norway racing bicycles

Before long we arrived in Haugesund where we met up with a Couchsurfer. We had most of the afternoon to hang out. We drove up to a nearby mountain and visited a beach.

Day 14

After breakfast we headed to the bus terminal. From there we caught a bus to Os. Taking bicycles onto a bus is really expensive. For a bicycle you pay almost as much as you pay for a person. Anyway the bus ride was pleasant and we arrived in Os soon enough.

Today the snow that had fallen the days before was no longer pleasant. It had melted, but the resulting water had frozen again. This made cycling very dangerous. Especially knowing that our next Couchsurfing host lived on top of a high hill. Luckily, he had his own driver who picked up our bags from the bottom of the hill.

Our host was truly amazed by our achievement and wanted to hear all about it. It is here that the realisation hit me that we had almost achieved this feat that seemed so impossible the weeks before. We were now only 30km away from Bergen!

Day 15

January 5th, the last day of our trip. In the morning we phoned our friends in the van to check their progress. They would arrive in Bergen in the afternoon so we could take it slow. This was no issue, because most of the roads had been completely iced up. For long stretches we had to walk, because cycling was too dangerous, especially due to rutting in the ice.

Approximately 5km before arriving at our Airbnb in Bergen we ditched one water bottle each and bought a can of beer. Our friends were expecting us to be exhausted and completely worn out. This was not the case and we wanted to arrive while drinking a beer. As this would shatter their expectations in one fell swoop.

We arrived at the Airbnb, but our friends were not there yet. Within ten minutes they arrived and they jumped out to see us. The emotions were mixed, because they wanted to hear our stories, but definitely did not want to give us the respect we deserved (if I may say so myself). We told all of our stories and listened to theirs. Anyway we had a great couple of days in Bergen and we will definitely never do this again!


Thank you for reading and I would love to hear about your crazy adventures!

Bergen sweater

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