Sailing around the UK with a 100€ boat

How did this idea come to be?

A good friend of mine wants to sail around the world one day. However, he didn’t have any sailing experience or a sailing boat for that matter. Thus he decided to look for a boat on a Dutch version of Ebay. He found one that cost only 100€ and thus he bought it!

Together we have gone on other endeavours such as cycling to Norway. Therefore we decided to set a new challenge for ourselves, which would involve sailing. In order to help me achieve my goal to visit every country in Europe we decided to sail around the UK.

The plan

In the picture you can see a rough sketch of our planned route. It is about 2700 km and we hope to complete it in four weeks. We plan do this trip in the summer of 2018.

We will sail along the coast until we reach the Channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Then we will cross the Channel and visit Wales. From here we go to Dublin in Ireland and visit Isle of Man. We will then make port in Belfast, Northern Ireland. If we are still alive we are going to continue to Glasgow, where we will cross right through Scotland using the available canals. Lastly, we follow the English coast until we reach The Netherlands again.

In order to ensure good progress we will work in shifts. By doing this we are able to sail 24 hours each day.

UK sailing trip

How will we prepare for this sailing trip?

Both of us have no sailing experience whatsoever. Therefore it is impeccable that we gain some experience before we embark on this adventure. In order to do this we will take multiple trips to the North Sea and some of the Dutch islands.

Next to this we will consult the professional community in order to find out of our plan is feasible. We will also ask them for tips and advice in general. So if you have any, please leave a comment;)

Something I have not mentioned before is that the boat is in bad shape. We still have to do a lot of work to make the boat ready to sail across the open sea.

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