A day trip to the Stalin Line museum from Minsk

Edge of the Soviet Union

The Stalin Line is the former border between the Soviet Union and the rest of Europe. Europe gave it this name, because Stalin heavily fortified the border during his reign. An enormous amount of bunkers and other military equipment can still be found scatttered along this line.

This line ran straight through Belarus. A large amount of equpment was left behind after the Soviet Union’s collapse. Belarus has built an open-air museum close to Minsk where a large amount of equipment is on display. You can visit there website here.

Stalin Line map

How to get to the Stalin Line

The museum located approximately 30km to the northwest of Minsk. I heard that there are regular busses going from the railway station that can drop you of at the museum. However, the information on these busses greatly varied online. Thus we decided to take a n Uber.

The drive to the museum takes about 30 minutes and cost us 14BYN one-way. Unfortunately we did not have data to order one for our return trip. Luckily there is WiFi in one of the cafes next to the parking lot.

Sitting on Red Star tank

What is on display

Like any military museum there are tanks, planes, helicopters and the military trucks on display. However, this museum offers more! It offers the possibility to fire a gun or even drive a tank. Unfortunately this was too expensive for me.

Shooting range Staline Line

But there’s more! The museum has missiles. Lots of missiles.Missiles Stalin Line

But there’s more! The Stalin Line museum has lunch tubes. At least that is what we used them for.Lunch tube military

But there’s more! The museum has Lenin’s head! Pretty cool right? For me this was the highlight of the trip!

Lenin's head Stalin Line

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