Exploring Iraqi Kurdistan with Karwan

Kurdistan tours with Karwan

A few weeks before my trip to Iran I had already decided that I would visit Iraqi Kurdistan afterwards. However, I had no idea how to get around. Public transport is virtually non-existent outside of the cities and on top of this the tourism sector is not very well developed. Thus getting around outside the city would not be easy….

Luckily one taxi driver had the solution! His name is Karwan Wahed and this is his website. He is basically a taxi driver and an English-speaking guide at the same time.

Karwan Kurdistan

North of Erbil tour

I decided to take a one day tour with Karwan to some of the sites to the north of Erbil. I will show you my highlights below.
The price is very reasonable and Karwan is also a great guy to be around. He is very knowledgeable, open-minded and well-travelled.
For any tour in Iraqi Kurdistan Karwan is your man!

me and Karwan in Kurdistan

Destroyed tanks from Saddam Hussein

Some tanks destroyed during the US invasion was our first stop. There isn’t much left of the tanks, but they are still cool to see. And who doesn’t want to sit on top of a destroyed tank in Iraq?

Tank me sander

Relaxing at the Gali Ali Beg waterfalls

Another stop on our tour were the Gali Ali Beg waterfalls. The waterfall empties in a small lake and when the water level is high people from all of Kurdistan come here to enjoy some quality time on their inflatable boats.

Visiting the Neanderthal caves at Shanidar

As I was visiting in March the Neanderthal caves are a sight that may been have covered in snow. Luckily the snow melted the week before and we could drive up the mountain to see them.

It is very clear why the Neanderthals chose this cave to live in. The view is amazing! This is probably one of the few Neanderthal caves in the world that you can visit this easily. Unfortunately this also means that chalk and graffiti covers the walls.

Excavations are still common. Therefore you will find several excavation sites inside the cave.

Neanderthal caves Kurdistan

In awe at the Rawanduz canyons

This is one of the places that people know Iraqi Kurdistan for. It is a place of great natural beauty and able to rival any other canyon on this planet. The views are truly breathtaking!

Rawanduz canyons

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