A day trip to the Stalin Line museum from Minsk

Edge of the Soviet Union

The Stalin Line is the former border between the Soviet Union and the rest of Europe. Europe gave it this name, because Stalin heavily fortified the border during his reign. An enormous amount of bunkers and other military equipment can still be found scatttered along this line.

This line ran straight through Belarus. A large amount of equpment was left behind after the Soviet Union’s collapse. Belarus has built an open-air museum close to Minsk where a large amount of equipment is on display. You can visit there website here.

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A day trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat

Why go to Chernobyl?

In 1989 one of the 4 nuclear reactors at Chernobyl had a meltdown. The Soviets evacuated an area with a radius of 30km. To this day the area remains contaminated and largely uninhabitable. I will not discuss all the details of the disaster, those you can read here.

My interest in this place started when I was in high school. Our class watched a documentary during geography class and after a subsequent Google search I found out that I could visit this place. Unfortunately I did not find the opportunity to visit it back then:(

However, this changed last year when my dad proposed we take a trip together. My dad is quite jealous of my trip to North Korea. Therefore, we decided to head to Europe’s last dictatorship; Belarus. However we would visit Kiev and Chernobyl before. Continue reading