Cycling to Bergen – Denmark

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Day 4

Shed in Kolding

We just entered Denmark and the weather started to clear a little. The difference in cycling becomes apparent immediately. There are cycling roads almost everywhere and they are of high quality. However, cycling takes more effort, because the steepness of all the hills is higher.

This was the first time during the trip that exhaustion struck. We sometimes had to stop just to catch our breath. Next to this it became clear that my average speed was somewhat higher than that of my friend. This sometimes created large distances between us and thus confusion and a little friction.

When we arrived in Kolding it had already gotten dark. We had a rest on a parking lot next to a gas station. It was Christmas eve and there was no one around. We were basically preparing ourselves to get out of the city and find a forest again. However, my friend spotted a wooden shed in the corner of the parking lot. We checked it out and it was empty except for some bottles. There was nobody around and we figured that the owner would not mind us sleeping a night there. We cooked some food, which was our Christmas dinner and went to sleep. It rained all night so we were happy to stay inside. Continue reading

Cycling from Netherlands to Norway


During Christmas holidays of 2016 me and a friend went on a cycling trip from Eindhoven (Netherlands) to Bergen (Norway). During summer this is quite an achievement, but we did it in winter. Next to this, we would do it on second-hand racing bicycles from the 80s. In order to make it an even greater adventure, we decided that we would sleep outside most nights. Not using a tent, but using a tarpaulin.

At first, many people did not believe we were actually going to try this.

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