Cycling to Bergen – Norway

Cycling to Norway with second hand racing bicycle

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Day 8

In the morning of the 29th we arrived at the port of Stavanger. We had booked an Airbnb in Tananger, which is a city located about 3km from the port, but my friend still had a flat tire. Every car before us had to clear customs first, but the custom’s officers did not pay any attention to us so we could walk right through.

Once we arrived at the Airbnb we went straight to bed and slept for the remainder of the morning. The rest of the day we spend resting and exploring the town of Tananger.

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Cycling from Netherlands to Norway


During Christmas holidays of 2016 me and a friend went on a cycling trip from Eindhoven (Netherlands) to Bergen (Norway). During summer this is quite an achievement, but we did it in winter. Next to this, we would do it on second-hand racing bicycles from the 80s. In order to make it an even greater adventure, we decided that we would sleep outside most nights. Not using a tent, but using a tarpaulin.

At first, many people did not believe we were actually going to try this.

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